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Karabela Sp. z o.o.

The multi trade company “Karabela” Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company established in February 1993. As a company we have been offering services for almost twenty years. What is more, we take pride in being regarded as a reliable partner with a strong market position.

At present the multi trade company “Karabela” Sp. z o.o. is a leading unit of the Corporate Group combined with capital and providing complex outsourcing services.

We provide the following services: individual and property protection, installation and operation of technical security systems, internal and external cleaning services, fire fighting, training courses, catering, relax, rehabilitation and advertising services as well as financial consulting. For more information click here.

Numerous certificates, awards and references in our possesion guarantee high quality and maintaining high standards. On applying a suitable qualification procedure, according to the decision made by the US Department, we were put on the list of suppliers of services for economic units in the United States of America.

The scope of our activity comprises the whole area of Poland with our dominant position in the following regions: podkarpackie, lubelskie, świętokrzyskie, małopolskie, śląskie, łódzkie and mazowieckie. We own 27 branch offices. Contact data is included in the contact section.

We have our own Training Centre Ośrodek Szkolenia i Doskonalenia Kadr P.W. KARABELA. All qualified employees are subject to annual training courses. We also hold training courses for external business entities.

We are a member and founder of Polska Izba Ochrony as well as member of the following organizations: Business Centre Club, Podkarpacki Klub Biznesu, Polska Organizacja Osób Niepełnosprawnych.

We have been supporting various social initiatives. This is our response to the needs of local and regional community.


“We are characterised by professional preparation for our work with regard to complex individual, property and facility protection. Our equipment and logistics base enable us to perform our responsibilities with precision and at the highest level. We take full responsibility for our activities.”

The president of the company Józef Bednarczyk



We are a capital company acting as a company with limited liability based in Tarnobrzeg. We are included in the segment of large companies.

We own a chain of twenty seven branch offices. Teleaddress data is included in the CONTACT section.

The company has a two-person board:

  • the president of the company – Józef Bednarczyk

Vice-chairman of the company:

  • Luiza Wolak

Proxy of the company:

  • Kamilla Pękalska

We invite you to make use of our services. We are at your disposal!


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P.W. "Karabela" Sp. z o.o.
39-400 Tarnobrzeg, ul. Sokola 14

tel. 15 822 28 22

fax 15 8222 88 79